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Favorite Energy-Efficient HVAC Upgrades in Royal Oak, MI

Some simple upgrades to help out your HVAC system in Royal Oak, MI can significantly trim energy costs. Bryant Contractors are always happy to provide tips and services to minimize impact on the environment and your wallet. Give us a call at and let’s reduce the heating and cooling load of your home, save you money, and improve year round comfort.


  • Ceiling Fans – Running a ceiling fan along with the air conditioner makes the room feel around four degrees cooler, allowing lower thermostat settings and improving comfort. Reversing the operation in the winter to push warm air downward helps out the furnace.
  • Humidity Control – Controlling moisture levels makes a big difference in the comfort of the home. Overly humid air feels warmer, prompting lower thermostat settings and increasing demands on the air conditioner. The opposite problem is true of insufficient humidity levels and requirements for the furnace. Consider the installation of a whole-home dehumidifier or humidifier to improve comfort and efficiency.
  • Lessen the Load – Reducing how much HVAC energy is needed to handle the heating and cooling needs of the home is a big step. Measures such as adding extra insulation to prevent leaks, improving ventilation systems to promote airflow, sealing windows, and weatherstripping doors go a long way towards lessening demand on the system. Your heating and cooling equipment won’t need to run as long, work as hard, or consume as much energy.
  • Maintenance – Annual tune-ups keep the HVAC system operating at peak efficiency. Thorough cleaning to remove any built-up debris, lubricating movings parts, replacing air filters, and a long list of essential tasks lessen strain on heating and cooling equipment and ensure that all components are working at their best.
  • Thermostat Upgrade – A programmable or smart thermostat automatically adjusts temperature when the house is empty or your family is asleep to conserve energy.

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