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Does your furnace seem to be running nearly nonstop? If so, don’t hesitate to call for professional inspection, repair, or replacement. Even minor issues often result in excessive wear and tear, energy waste, greater chance of malfunction, premature failure, and even safety issues. Very often, these concerns can be resolved with simple maintenance strategies. Let’s set up a convenient appointment time, get your furnace back to working at its best, and give you peace of mind. Bryant Contractors are your trusted source for solutions in Perrysburg, OH.

Furnace Maintenance & Furnace Replacement in Perrysburg, OH

It’s tempting to neglect your heating system until there’s a problem. Keeping up with filter changes and annual, professional tuning procedures optimizes system performance, saves money in the long run, and protects the health and comfort of the home. Whether you’re taking proactive measures, faced with a furnace blowing cold air, or pumping out heat in an endless cycle, you need swift and expert service. Bryant Contractors deliver value and satisfaction across Michigan and Northern Ohio.

Why won’t the furnace turn off?

  • Blower problems – If you’re getting nothing but cool air, it’s probably the blower to blame. Corroded wires might be causing the blower to run and run and run. This is definitely not a DIY repair.
  • Dirty filters – Warm air but insufficient airflow often indicates a clogged filter. Because the maximum amount of air isn’t reaching the intended destination, the furnace struggles to achieve the desired indoor temperature.
  • Thermostat issues – Check that the thermostat isn’t switched to the “on” setting, which causes it to run continuously. The “auto” setting allows the system to shut down when the chosen temperature is reached. If the thermostat is properly adjusted and furnace continues to operate, a faulty thermostat might be the problem.
  • Pilot light isn’t lit – If the pilot light goes out, you might be faced with endless run times and cool air. Relighting the pilot might provide an easy solution. However, there could be a faulty mechanism that requires professional replacement.

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