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When the leaves start changing colors, chilly weather is on the way. With the often brutal winters we get here in Oregon Hills, OH, you need to make sure your furnace is ready to handle the workload. All manufacturers of heating equipment strongly recommend annual professional maintenance. The majority require it for continued warranty coverage. Bryant Contractors are here to help. We provide affordable, timely, and meticulous service, completing the necessary tasks to optimize the reliability, efficiency, safety, longevity, and overall performance of your furnace.

What can you do to prepare your furnace for the heating season in Oregon Hills, OH?

  • Start with the thermostat – Switch from cooling to heating and raise the temperature setting by a couple of degrees. You should hear the heat kick on. If not, remove the cover and verify that the wire connections are secure. If so, make sure there’s power to the HVAC system. For any further issues, it’s recommended to call in licensed professionals.
  • Replace the air filters – Filters should be changed or washed every few months to prevent contaminants from infiltrating the inner workings of the furnace, blocking airflow, and shortening service life.
  • Protect the AC condenser – Cover the air conditioner condenser to protect against falling ice.
  • Clean and lubricate blower motor – Check for instructions in your owner’s manual. Make sure your motor requires lubricating. Turn off the power, open the cover, and locate the caps covering the bearings. Clean and remove caps, then lubricate bearings.
  • Test the igniter switch – Older models may require you to relight the pilot. Newer models feature electronic ignitors. If the ignitor fails to work, push the reset button. If there are no results, check your breaker. Further concerns should be handled by trained professionals.
  • Inspect the chimney – Check for debris inside the chimney. Periodic professional inspection and cleaning is recommended.
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors – Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.
  • Schedule professional maintenance with your local HVAC company – They will take care of all of the necessary tasks that keep your family safe, your home comfortable, and your furnace working at its best.

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