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You want your investment into a whole-home cooling system to provide satisfying comfort for as long as possible. Normal wear and tear is to be expected. However there are ways to minimize strain on your essential equipment, and your local Bryant Contractors are always here to help. For knowledgeable information, recommendations, and service in Riverview, MI, we encourage you to give us a call at .

How to Minimize Wear and Tear on Your AC System

Here are some helpful tips to lessen demands on your air conditioner:

  • Eliminate leaks – Properly sealing around windows/doors and sufficient insulation prevent heat from coming in and your conditioned air from escaping, reducing demands on the air conditioner and shortening running times.
  • Maintenance – With annual service, your professional Bryant Contractors ensure the cooling system is operating at peak capacity and efficiency.
  • Replace filters – As air flows through the filter, it traps dust, dirt, and grime, preventing it from penetrating the HVAC system. When the filter becomes clogged, air flow is restricted, reducing system efficiency and resulting in longer run times.
  • Shades and curtains – Closing curtains, blinds, and shades to prevent the sun from heating up the home cuts down on air conditioner wear and tear.
  • Sources of heat – Televisions, computers, lamps, and other items produce a significant amount of heat and when placed near the air conditioner, cause the equipment to run longer, adding to the workload and wasting energy. Check to see what’s situated next to your air conditioner.
  • Winter preparation – Protect outdoor components from ice damage and make sure there are no leaves, sticks, or shrubbery obstructing the unit.


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