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Is your air conditioner disrupting your home enjoyment with squeals, buzzing, hissing, rattling, clicking, or other aggravating sounds? When operating properly, the cooling system should be relatively silent. The outdoor unit often makes a gentle hum, but shouldn’t draw attention to itself. Don’t live with concerns with HVAC performance. Bryant Contractors are your local source for air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation in Allen Park, MI.

Air Conditioning Installation & Repair in Allen Park, MI

Our factory trained professionals troubleshoot, isolate issues, and provide sustainable solutions. Common complaints are due to obstruction of airflow caused by dander, dust, rodents, and other contaminants accumulated in the ductwork. Squealing noises are sometimes the result of too much internal pressure, while hissing indicates a refrigerant leak. Buzzing is a sign of concerns with the condenser fan motor, relay switch, or wiring.

From air conditioner repair and upkeep to replacement, Bryant Contractors are synonymous with value. We follow up cost-effective recommendations with results you can trust. Our experienced technicians are happy to answer questions, troubleshoot all makes and models of cooling equipment, and optimize comfort and satisfaction across Allen Park.

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