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Why Is My Air Conditioner Constantly Running

Have you noticed your air conditioner running continuously? This isn’t a guarantee of a problem. During especially hot summer days in Westland, MI, the cooling system carries a heavy workload. To maintain a consistent and ideal indoor temperature, it will probably need to operate for longer cycles. However, if the air conditioner is failing to provide comfort, the extended run times are a clear indication of an issue that needs to be addressed. When in doubt, we encourage you to contact your local Bryant Contractors for professional service.

Common causes of incessant air conditioner operation include:

  • Restricted airflow – Cool but minimal air flow from vents is most often caused by dirty air filters, leaky ducts, or blocked air vents. Change the filter, make sure there’s no furniture obstructing vents, and that all of the vents are open. If necessary, call your Bryant Contractors dealer for duct inspection.
  • Dirty evaporator and/or condenser coil – If there’s visible dirt on the outside unit/inside coils or the air from your vents is warm, the evaporator coil and/or condenser coils are most likely the culprit. You can clean the outside unit on your own but we recommend professional maintenance to clean the unit’s coils.
  • Low refrigerant – Ice buildup on the outdoor unit, hissing noises, and warm air from the vents are signs the system is low on refrigerant. You need a licensed professional to check refrigerant level, find and repair leaks, and add more refrigerant as needed.
  • Undersized air conditioner – If there’s plenty of cool air flowing from vents but the system fails to keep up on hot days or you’re faced with a frozen evaporator coil, your system may be too small to meet the demands of the home. Your local professional will be happy to perform a heat load calculation to determine proper sizing and recommend the most cost-effective course of action.


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