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High energy bills and environmental concerns have resulted in more efficient HVAC systems. In May 2013, the US Department of Energy raised the required AFUE of all furnaces to a minimum of 80%. High-efficiency models achieve between 90 and 99% AFUE, using less fuel and significantly trimming heating bills and carbon footprint. The savings can be substantial. While a new furnace is a big investment, the increase in efficiency can pay for it in just a few years.

HVAC Installation in Dearborn Heights, MI

Have you considered replacing your furnace? Are you thinking of upgrading your heating and cooling system? Have questions about high-efficiency models and the right choice for you? Bryant Contractors are happy to discuss options, provide customized recommendations, and complete proper installation. Let us introduce you to the advanced technology that provides superior and more consistent temperature from room to room. Take precision control over your indoor environment with modern equipment that’s compatible with a smart thermostat and zone control.


Bryant Contractors provide skilled services, honest answers, and quality heating and cooling options in Dearborn Heights, MI. Make us your go-to source for everything you need to improve and maintain exceptional comfort, efficiency, air quality, and reliability. We specialize in reducing energy bills and achieving satisfaction.

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