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Heat pumps are designed to draw ambient heat from outside air, compress it, and transfer it into the home. Even when the temperature here in Comstock Township, MI cools off, these innovative machines provide efficient heating. However, if the outside temperature drops into the 30’s, it’s not unusual for moisture in the air to freeze on the surface of the outdoor coil. This is when the defrost cycle activates.

Understanding Your Heat Pump’s Defrost Cycle

The defrost cycle of the heat pump eliminates frost accumulation from the outdoor coil. The system reverses operation, switching into cooling mode, for anywhere between thirty seconds and a few minutes. The majority of outside components feature built-in timers to regulate how often the unit enters the defrost cycle, such as every 60 or 90 minutes.

If your heat pump fails to properly defrost, your local Bryant Contractors are here to help. Frost and ice negatively impacts performance of the system, requiring it to work harder and diminishing efficiency. There’s the potential for damage or failure of the outdoor unit because of ice buildup.

If your heat pump defrosts more frequently than necessary, don’t hesitate to give us a call. This problem is typically a sign of maintenance needs, but there’s also the possibility that the heat pump is undersized for the demand.

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Bryant Contractors are highly trained and prepared to answer any questions or concerns you may have with your existing heat pump. We’d love to explain the many benefits of the modern line of high-efficiency, intelligent, communicating Bryant heat pumps. We have an option to optimize the comfort and cost savings of every style of space.

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