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It can be tempting to skip your annual furnace or air conditioner tune-up. If the HVAC system seems to be running properly, you might hope to save money by neglecting regular maintenance. This is a mistake and typically leads to higher costs, disruption, and major problems. Whether the heating/cooling equipment is sitting idle or working hard, dust and other contaminants gradually penetrate and buildup within the inner workings and wear and tear takes its toll. And without proof of professional service, your warranty coverage is no longer valid.

Air Conditioning & Heating System Maintenance in Portage, MI

When HVAC equipment isn’t maintained in peak condition, the system needs to work harder and longer to meet demand. If little concerns aren’t addressed and resolved, they graduate into greater damage and lead to expensive repairs. Nobody wants to be without air conditioning in the middle of the summer or scrambling to replace a furnace during a winter cold snap. Keep your essential heating and cooling system operating at its best with yearly inspection, cleaning, and tuning from qualified Bryant Contractors. We offer swift, skilled, and affordable services in Portage, MI.

What happens when you skip annual HVAC maintenance?

  • Efficiency levels diminish
  • Running costs steadily increase
  • Greater impact on the environment
  • Higher chance of malfunction
  • Shortened service life
  • Inferior comfort levels
  • Longer system running times
  • Safety threats
  • Degraded indoor air quality
  • Potential property damage
  • Elevated sound levels
  • Failure to comply with manufacturer’s warranty requirements


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