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What’s better, a ductless split system or a traditional HVAC system? There are advantages to both, and the right choice for you depends on numerous factors. Start by contacting Bryant Contractors in Clinton Township, MI. A qualified installer provides proper design and configuration, ensuring quality equipment that meets your specific needs and achieves peak efficiency.

Air Conditioning & Heating Installation Solutions in Clinton Township, MI

While choosing between the many different options for heating and cooling might seem overwhelming, Bryant Contractors have the knowledge, training, and experience to guide you. We understand the importance and impact of your decision. Feel free to call us at and ask questions, express your concerns, and let us set your mind at ease. We simplify the process and deliver an end result to keep you perfectly comfortable without draining your budget.

Why choose a traditional ducted HVAC system?

  • If you already have ductwork installed and in good working order, the installation process may be quicker and less costly.
  • Central cooling systems are better at handling excess humidity.
  • Ducted systems provide exceptional air circulation.
  • The equipment is hidden behind walls and in crawl spaces and doesn’t detract from aesthetics.
  • Maintenance is simple and less expensive because of fewer components.
  • One complete system targets ideal comfort throughout the entire house.

Why choose a ductless system?

  • No need to sacrifice space or lower the ceilings to accommodate ductwork.
  • It can be expensive and difficult to add ducts to new additions or remodeling projects.
  • Eliminating forced air via ducts minimizes the level of dust introduced into breathing air.
  • Installation is quick, often completed in one day, and there’s no need to tear into walls.
  • Independent air handlers provide zoned heating and cooling, allowing customization according to occupancy, requirements, and preference.
  • Taking advantage of inverter technology, ductless systems are wonderfully efficient, reducing running costs and impact on the environment.

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