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Heat Pumps Maintenance Tips in Walker, MI

Heat pumps provide an efficient, effective, and versatile solution to year round temperature control in Walker, MI. These innovative systems are a significant investment and you want to maximize value and return. A little maintenance adds up to a long list of rewards. For further information, your local Bryant Contractors are always available to answer questions, resolve concerns, and provide a full range of skilled heat pump services.


Here are a few essential heat pump maintenance tips to ensure peak performance from your system:

  • Clean outdoor coils with a heavy duty degreaser and hose them down, making sure to turn off the unit first.
  • Every spring, flush the indoor condensate pan and drain before using the air conditioning.
  • Inspect air filters every month and clean/replace as necessary
  • Keep top, sides, bottom, and the perimeter around the outdoor unit free of snow, ice, and debris.
  • Prune shrubs, trees, and foliage back a minimum of 18 inches from all sides of the heat pump to allow maximum airflow.
  • Rely on professional Bryant Contractors to complete regular, complete, and proper maintenance for the very best care of your heat pump.

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