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Is it time to replace your furnace? Are you considering the installation of a heat pump? Wondering which type of heating system is right for you? Bryant Contractors can help. We’re happy to explain the benefits and features, costs and requirements, and provide the information and services to maximize satisfaction from your investment. By taking into careful consideration the specific demands of your home and lifestyle, we customize recommendations to suit. Turn to Bryant Contractors for a full range of HVAC options in Burton, MI.

HVAC Installation & Replacement in Burton, MI

Benefits of a forced air furnace include:

  • Indoor Air Quality – Along with effectively filtering, furnaces accommodate the installation of a whole-home humidification system to treat air as it passes through the system.
  • Humidification – Most modern furnaces include humidification, removing indoor contaminants and regulating moisture for a healthier and more comfortable home.
  • Energy Efficiency – Advanced combustion technologies have led to AFUE ratings as high as 99%.
  • Comfort – With faster start times, furnaces heat up the home quicker than most electric or hydronic heating options, achieving desired temperature in a matter of minutes.
  • Cost – The initial investment is made up for through much lower repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.
  • Value – With an average life expectancy of 15 to 30 years, furnaces tend to outlive heat pumps and boilers.
  • Dependability – With annual, professional maintenance, furnaces are known for their reliability, minimizing the chance of repair.
  • Compatibility – Partner a forced air furnace with a central air conditioner using the same ductwork to enjoy year round comfort.
  • Safety – Modern furnaces are equipped with multiple safety features to prevent fire and combustion byproducts from entering the living space.

Benefits of a heat pump:

  • Efficiency – Heat pumps are one of the most efficient systems available, saving money on monthly energy bills all year round.
  • Air Quality – Along with effective filtration, a heat pump doesn’t dry out the air, eliminating the need for a humidifier.
  • Quiet – The compressor is placed outside of the home, minimizing operational noise and disruption.
  • Environmentally friendly – There’s none of the greenhouse gasses associated with the burning of fossil fuels, minimizing impact on the environment.
  • Safe – A heat pump moves heat rather than burning fuel to generate it, avoiding the threat of combustion byproducts, fumes, and fire.
  • Low maintenance – Heat pumps require less upkeep than combustion heating systems and there’s only one unit to service.
  • Cooling – Heat pumps reverse operation to operate like a central air conditioner and provide exceptional year round comfort.
  • Dehumidification – In cooling mode, the heat pump helps to combat moisture levels.
  • Comfort – Heat pumps provide very consistent temperature and gentle comfort.

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