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Update Your Old Home With a Ductless HVAC Installation in Ann Arbor Township, MI

Bryant Contractors specialize in convenient HVAC solutions to even the most complex challenges. No matter the age, size, or layout of your home in Ann Arbor Township, we design a ductless system to perfectly suit your needs. This compact equipment is ideal for renovations, additions, new construction projects, older homes, single rooms, or the entire residence. Offering unmatched versatility, ductless mini- and multi-split systems require nothing more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, mounting capabilities, and access to electricity.

A single outdoor component links to one or multiple slim and lightweight air handlers, and then can be installed into a drop ceiling, up high on the wall, or down near the floor. Bryant ductless options feature inverter technology, allowing the equipment to automatically adapt to changing demands, maximizing efficiency and comfort while reducing sound levels and running cost. You’ll enjoy consistent temperature control, effective humidity control, rewarding air filtration, programmable operation, WiFi connectivity, and so much more. Simply contact one of your local Bryant Contractors to hear more about the unmatched benefits of ductless heating and cooling in Ann Arbor Township, MI.

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